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Tips to Help Remodeling Contractors with Pay per Click

The Internet has helped many different types of businesses to grow. This is true in almost any type of business, including remodeling contractors. When they use the Internet properly, it can be a boost to the bottom line and the amount of business that they have at their disposal. There are many ways to advertise your business online, but one that should not be overlooked is pay per click marketing.

Pay per click is the process of purchasing links on the search engines and getting listed by bidding on the keywords. This is known as a form of SEM. Each time somebody clicks on your link and goes to your website, you will pay the price you bid or lower. It is important for you to ensure that you are doing everything properly in this regard. Here are some tips that can help your remodeling contractor business to grow with PPC.

Track Your Traffic – Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes that most pay per click marketers make is not tracking their traffic. Since you are bidding on specific keywords, it is important to find out where your traffic is coming from and which keyword is the most responsive. Doing so will allow you to make adjustments in your marketing campaign. It is an easy way to turn a winning campaign into an extraordinary campaign.

Create Landing Pages – It may be tempting to send all of the traffic to a single page, but doing so is likely costing you money. Google scores the landing pages individually according to their relevance and the keywords that are being used. When you create Landing pages that are specific to the keywords, they become more highly relevant, and you end up paying a lower cost per click as a result.

Test New Keywords – Rather than simply settling in on a few keywords that may generate traffic, try to expand your list of keywords to reach an even larger audience. Of course, you would want to choose keywords that were related to what you were offering but look for those hidden gems that will get you business regularly.

Test Your Landing Pages – Instead of keeping your landing pages static and never changing them, try making small changes and testing them against each other. This is commonly known as A/B split testing, and it is something that can benefit any business. There are scripts available to help you use this process, and it can improve your bottom line.

Test Your Ads – One other tip is to regularly test the ad that you are using the pay per click search engine. Use different ads for different keywords and constantly monitor and test them against each other. When one is a clear winner, keep it and test a new one making a slight change. Eventually, you will get a higher response ad and will be rewarded with a lower bid price.

It certainly is possible to use pay per click to drive traffic for your remodeling contractor business. When you use it properly, it can result in almost immediate benefits that stick around for the long term as well.

Tips For Plumbing Contractor SEO

For business all over the world, getting noticed online is becoming ever more important with each passing year as more and more people get online. While sometimes the influx of new business can be essential to a company’s survival, it is also true that getting that influx of new business can be a challenge for even experienced online marketers.

Though the importance of crowd-sourced peer review sites such as Yelp, Angie’s List, and Google Maps can’t be understated, the old tried, and true tactics of search engine optimization are still valuable to all businesses in the modern world. Whatever business a company is in, search engine optimization remains a valuable tool for attracting business, improving relationships with customers and making a bigger imprint on the world of commerce, whether it’s local or global.

For plumbers, this reality is no different. Though plumbers are by and large a local business, the fact is that search engine optimization is important for all plumbers as soon as they get online to market their contracting company. Whatever kind of plumbing one’s technicians can offer, their company should consider the best ways to market them and search engine optimization is no different.

But knowing exactly which search terms to use to draw in search engine visitors can be a difficult one. However, knowing your local market and the skills and services your contracting company brings to the table are essential to getting positive attention in the online world.

The first and most important terms to consider are the areas your company serves. While it would certainly be flattering for a wealthy oil baron or technology mogul in a far-off part of the world to call your company for a very big job in an exotic locale, most plumbers should focus on their local regions. Putting the areas your company services in your website’s content and code is essential for getting customers in your area who are willing to pay for your services.

Counties, cities, towns, suburbs, neighborhoods, important highways and local landmarks can all serve as important search terms for a plumbing company’s efforts at search engine optimization. But there is more than just the areas your company your serves to get people to notice your website.

Another very important set of search terms to put in the content and code of your website is as many of the services your company is capable of providing as you can reasonably fit into the content and code. If your company is qualified to handle septic tank issues, words and phrases relating to septic tanks and problems they can have and work that can be done to them should be important search terms for people looking for work to be done on their septic tank.

Similarly, if your company does commercial or industrial plumbing, emergency plumbing, bathroom remodeling or other, more specialized work, would want to put those in your website’s code. Additionally, common plumbing problems also deserve space in your website’s content and code.

The Best Internet Marketing Tips For Plumbing Companies

If you are a plumber that is trying to figure out how to generate more business, regardless of what state you are living in, you might want to consider Internet marketing as a way of improving your business. You can generate substantial amounts of traffic, interested customers that are looking for your services, by using search engine optimization. There are other marketing strategies that can also be used, all of which will help you improve your business. Here are some of the best Internet marketing tips for plumbing companies that are looking to expand their business.

Where to Begin

To generate traffic using Internet marketing strategies, all plumbers must have a website. This will showcase the many different services that they provide, as well as specials that they offer both existing and new customers, along with contact information. The website should be professionally built with a unique template, and should be properly search engine optimized. By doing so, they will be able to achieve top rankings for some of the keywords related to their local business that could generate traffic. (more…)

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